Simply place water container or beverage on your personalized and energetically informed code for about 10 minutes to help remove interferences from contaminant information inherently gathered during processing and storing.  The liquid can be bio-energetically purified and one may also notice a marked improvement in taste. Great code to print and laminate so that one may utilize while out and about.


"Qualitatively clean water is the basis for our global survival"

In common scenarios across the globe, water has to be transported over long distances and stored in pipes or tanks before it reaches the tap.  Pseudoscientific chemical preparations or filtration methods are typically used in a backwards attempt to meet hygiene standards - only to the detriment of water quality.

The quality of mountain-spring water with regard to purity, vitality, flavour and the ability to absorb and discharge harmful substances and toxins, has been severely compromised by storing and processing water, and has ironically become a top priority health risk.  Electro-Smog contaminants also negatively influence water quality.

The internationally acclaimed water expert Joseph Grander writes: "Water which has been changed through heavy metals, nitrates etc.  remains polluted even after thorough processing (chemically or through filtration), because the once stored oscillations or respective information stay intact."  And this gives the reason for concern for today's water (...) the remaining contaminant information has (...) been transferred to a living organism.

Tap water 400 x magnified

Notice the lack of water crystals indicating poor vitality

The same water 400 x magnified after 10 minutes standing on the Water Harmonizer Code.  The water shows clear and strong crystals indicating energized vitality.

Quantum Code develops solutions for one of the most serious issues we face, the increasing pollution of our water through electromagnetic and energetic disturbances.

Not only does this refer to harmful substances which can be chemically or physically detected, but also to the insidious danger created by the oscillatory effect of contaminant information.  As the accumulation of technical and other energetic disturbances forms a chaotic atmosphere, the serious consequences for our health and well being are already far too evident.

With the Water Harmonizer Code you are well equipped at home and away.  Simply, put the laminated code under a drink for about ten minutes and you will be surprised at the improvement of taste through a dual process of energizing and removal of interference from contaminant information!  Great for a permanent supply of quantum bio-harmonized water!  Just put the card under a jug or bottle up to 2 litres so that it is on hand and ready to drink, or use in cooking.


From the chart you can see that liquids vitalized with the Water Harmonizer Code reach their optimum value after 10 minutes.

Tested with Biophoton Energy Resonance Spectroskopy.

The special bio-energetic purification process of Quantum Code can be achieved through a process of energetically informing the Codes with Quantum Field resonance.  The principle of bio-resonance recognizes that specific frequencies of an organism can be stimulated and stabilized by external signals.   At their deepest molecular level the Quantum Code is stimulated to transport and impart specific information that acts to bio-harmonize water so that it may return to its original bio-compatible form.  In other words, the Code is imprinted to represent integral Quantum Field information and transmit that information to the water via a process of photon communication.  Thus can detrimental  influences be counteracted.