An energetically informed version of this code can help support bearer'sintegral biofield organisation with quantum field resonance. Tachyon are quantum mechanical particles that contain all the information for the creation and renewal of matter for unlimited vitality, health and creativity. Tachyon include all the frequencies of the perfect and harmonious internal construction blueprint within.

Universal Energy = Life Energy

Tachyon are quantum mechanical particles from the Zero-Point Field (The Field of Cosmic Primordial Energy).

They contain all the fundamental information for the creation and renewal of matter for unlimited vitality, health and creativity.

Tachyon also contain all the frequencies of the perfect and harmonious internal construction blueprint within.

How do Tachyons affect the Organism?

The mode of action of the Tachyon Code technology can be best evidenced by bio-energetic evidence, such as Kinesiology, EAV, EEG, ECG, pulse diagnosis, MRI, Bicom, Kirlian photography, SE-5-radionics, Dowsing, and much more. The organism "reads" the information and re-classifies it according to the optimal individual field.

Prof. Dr. K. Meyl describes in his publication 'Electromagnetic & Environmental Compatibility, part 2: Free energy and the Interaction of the Neutrinos" the proof that Od, Orgon, Tachyon, radiant Energy or the Tesla rays are to be equated with the recently discovered Neutrino radiation.

Moreover Prof. Meyl also states in an article 'Dimension of Modulation, 2000, No. 144.'  that recently developed Tachyon technologies that allow different frequency patterns to be imprinted on 'energetically informed chips' that can meet the demand for providing the Tachyon information to different media, signify a quantum leap forward and mark a landmark in responsible dealings with nature.

Simply stated, our Tachyon codes are loaded with Tachyon - Universal energy resonance.  The organism recognizes that whatever requisite frequencies are available for amplification of body, mind and spirit.  The whole organism (body, mind, spirit) is given the opportunity to strengthen up the required frequencies across the total spectrum and thereby initiate self-healing and strengthen consciousness.  The Tachyon Codes have tuned the complex structure of Tachyon energy into its purest and most natural form.

The Results

Acting magnetic induction

Energy is a static uniform field which influences the external

Positive influence on red blood cells

Positive effect on fluidity of the blood

Activation of the heart and solar plexus chakra

Increase the vital minerals to their previous state (after ten minutes treatment)

Resonates through thick books, sculptures and textiles

Aura body energy increased by 30%

Helps with rheumatism, cancer, cardiovascular disease and wound healing

Can be used by people diagnosed with 'epilepsy and parkinsons disease'

Suitable for pregnant women and women with menstrual problems

Helps with infections (viral and bacterial)

Increase vitality index up to 400%

Energizes blood

Reinforces erectile function in men after a few weeks

Slows aging process (by strengthening original blueprint)

Mild form of pain relief

Sensitive persons may possibly suffer from insomnia when they have the card in the vicinity of the body at night

P ain relief

Physical and mental blockage resolution

Balance the acid-base ratio

Code energizes all non-alcoholic drinks

Positively energizes drugs (though not changing their action) and increases the bodies readiness to ingest them

Suppress negative side effects from medication

Healthy sleep (spontaneous recovery from stress)

Supports meditation

All in all, a wonderful, creative and cosmic form of primordial source energy which opens up a vast field for your personal growth.

'Magnetic Stabilization' is very important in any earth changes such as collapse or reduction of the magnetic field.

We would like to point out that a 'bioenergetic field' is not scientifically recognized in all countries. Readers may form their own opinions about this of course.  We base our energy methods on the 3rd Millenium, to protect us from the negative effects of the resonant chaotic frequencies of the technological age. 

Please Note:
  The Tachyon information is completely safe.  Attention should be paid however to possible over reactions that are due to 'anti-relief' of the organism.  The Codes functions as a 'call signal' to available energy, it does not spark energy or source energy autonomously.

The Tachyon Energy is a recognized bioenergetic code and works multidimensionally and interactively.

 A perfect support to growing awareness at all levels – especially in times of upheaval.

The principle of bio-resonance recognizes that the body's specific frequencies can be stimulated and stabilized by external signals. The special process of Quantum Codes works through energetic information.  At their deepest molecular level the Codes are stimulated to transport and impart specific Quantum level knowledge.  In other words, the Codes are imprinted to transmit the original Quantum Field information via a retrieval signal.  Thus energetic photon light communication ensures that debilitating influences are counteracted and natural primordial information is promoted across a wide spectrum.