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A Revolution in Well Being

Holistic Health Regulation - for $1 per day!

Please read the following information carefully as it details how we may regain our fundamental autonomy and take back the responsibility for our own well being!


This call is targeted at people who understand the following:

  • Health has become a commodity almost exclusively serving the interests of global companies and bloated administrations – for a long time now the essential health of the human being has been on the back bench.
  • Many people get really sick when they enter the medical system.  About 70% of health damages are so-called iatrogenic illnesses, caused by medical interventions which then require further medical treatments.

Iatrogenic illnesses caused by side effects to medications or ""scientifically recognized"" health measures and procedures remind one more of dealing with an automotive workshop than dealing with sentient life forms who have a soul.

We know it's cynical folks - but when one looks at the situation from a monetary point of view..... great health - actually prevents the medical industry from turning profit.  Besides the human body is simply not mechanistic!!!  -only at the level of the lowest common denominator...

However, ""modern"" medicine works via a physical approach that works on isolated functions of the organism with active agents - reminiscent of the servicing and spare parts facilities of the local automotive workshop.

Why has modern pharmaceutical 'Western' medicine been reduced to this infantile reductionist and delusiory empirical level?  Is it that the text book for western medical "scientists" is a corpse?  Just how culpable are Big Pharma for force-feeding chemical rubbish that is mostly toxic to this holistically complex system called Human, as well as ineffective about 80% of the time!!!

If you adhere with our view that proper holistic healing is not typically engineered to result from the modern western pharmaceutical medical system however seek a mind-body-spirit method of total health and well being, then...:

WELCOME to the Health Revolution!

Applied Quantum Information Based Healing

Please study this information thoroughly.  It could determine your future....

.....whether you are progressing on your personal life journey in a healthy, vital and happy way or whether you are exposed to the increasing pollution of our highly technological environment without protection.

An exaggeration?  Admittedly we are asking a lot from readers of this article – its content far exceeds what is commonly being accepted today.   But please read on if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from one of the gravest dangers for your well-being.  Grave because many of these dangers cannot be detected with our five senses until you feel their seemingly unstoppable effects.

Over countless years, our team have studied these dangers and have developed innovative yet practical quantum solutions.  For the first time we are making these findings and solutions available to the English speaking public.  We thank you for reading this article and encourage you to increase your capacity of awareness and well-being to its utmost potential.

Come along and join us on a step by step journey to a new understanding of the possibilities to enhance and maximize your well-being.

The ‘User Manual’

Have you ever tried to cook a four course meal – without a recipe book?  Or tried to build a house – without a plan?  Or tried to screw together an entertainment unit – without instructions?  For a professional this is probably not a big deal but people like you and me are pretty helpless without instructions.  We all recognize this.

Why should our body be different?

Consider the following situation: 

  • Our body with its millions of simultaneously running functions and processes IS EVER INCREASINGLY being confronted with more and more numerous "processing requests".

You may ask, what does it have to process?  (besides the television)?

Over thousands of years our organism has gradually adapted to our environment:

  1. environmental changes
  2. metabolizing food
  3. etc etc etc

Healing has always traditionally occurred with the knowledge and use of herbs.  The air was once clean - and the water, fresh.

Now please consider the current situation to which we humans have been exposed to for the past few decades:  Suddenly our organism also has to cope with an ever increasing amount of artificially and technically produced radiation and manipulated substances.

In today's world we deal with pulsed high frequency radiation (which does not occur in nature) from countless mobile phone antennas and cellphone towers - and the resultant Electro-Smog.  Critically our foods have lost most of their intrinsic nutrition through chemical fertilizers and sprays!  In the meanwhile, the medical industry creates over 70% of illnesses as iatrogenic - caused by side effects from medical treatment!  Even the air we breathe and the water we drink and full of contaminants that we absorb into our bodily tissue.

The miracle that is our body can only react to such intense changes in the environment for so long – until eventually it becomes too much and the body goes on strike.  A little ailment here and the breakdown of an organ there then hey presto --->>> we quickly pop some pills that only suppress the symptoms rather than produce real healing.  With the result that the body now has to deal with even further chemical contamination and overload!!!  Basically, ladies and gentlemen - many of us are in an Electro-Smog soup and overloaded by bio incompatible frequencies.

For a reasonably long amount of time our organism can store or eliminate these incompatible foreign frequencies.  But at some point this becomes no longer possible – the organ or whole organism collapses.  The timing obviously differs from person to person and is dependant on many factors like personal constitution, genetics, previous illnesses, stress, nutrition, fitness etc... but at some point in time, the collapse will occur like the ‘Amen’ in church.

Can we age peacefully with dignity by maintaining nearly optimum health and fitness?

Admittedly this question cannot be answered with a certain Yes or No.

But we can report our experiences over the past few years.....

Biological training

Over many years of research together with experienced doctors, naturopaths, physicists and biologists, we have discovered that it is possible to holistically train the organism to better deal with electro-smog and contaminant overload!
Demonstrably, we now return to the example of the recipe book or instruction manual

Our body can learn how to positively deal with negative and bio incompatible frequencies in our environment.

But: HOW?

A prerequisite is an ‘instruction manual’:  The body needs to be precisely informed about all of the steps.  (In advance, we state here that ALL of our test persons have NOT fallen ill to any serious disease! Many have been healed from chronic illnesses - or at least any further deterioration has been stopped.)

To achieve this process of quantum informing, we have developed a program which in itself unites the different phases, which cross, support and interact with each other.

The basis of the program is:
  • Relief of the organism and protection from negative frequencies.
  • Slow release of foreign frequencies.
  • Learning how to transform foreign frequencies for biological compatibility.
  • Stabilization of the field of information.  The organism is constantly informed about how to strengthen its immune system.
  • Reactivation of the body’s own matrix.  Activation of the state of ‘optimum health’ as originally programmed in our DNA.
  • Group stabilization.  Takes into consideration the exponential 'increasing effect' which happens when many people train together.



‘PRO LIFE’ Information

We have found simple but very effective solutions to all the program points mentioned above. 

The solutions are holistic in that they integrate with each other rather than just one program following another.  As in the analogy of the 4 course meal, we don’t just complete preparation of one thing after the next, but rather while something is cooking in the oven we prepare the vegetables, put the dessert in the freezer, boil the water for the pasta, set the table, grab some fresh herbs from the garden for garnishing etc.  All based on the recipe and plan so that when everything comes together we can relax and sit down to enjoy a great meal.

Only when the program integrates and multi-tasks all of the points above into a ‘Big Whole’ in order to protect your organism will you get the energetic relief.

From measurements with electro acupuncture we know of the incredible amount of energy your body needs to generate to counteract the burdening frequencies – until it can do no more.

But if the above mentioned measures of protection are initiated in your body - every cell and every bodily function - can orient itself to its original state.  The body can actually ‘retrieve’ the original state at any time from the information stored in the DNA, but too often the impact of the mentioned environmental influences is too great.

So the first step is to systematically eliminate the amount of toxic frequencies and to teach the body how to deal with new incoming frequencies.  At the same time your body will receive life supporting and immune system strengthening information spectra via the resonance principle.

How does it work?

As we stated previously, all of the people who have taken part in our ‘resonance training program’ have not fallen ill for years.  For sure - some still get a cold or a fever now and again or something else minor.  These illnesses are actually part of the body's self-cleansing and if we allow the body to go through the process without interference, nothing to worry about.  Of course this statement is not a future guarantee and the facts have been established empirically based on our member’s feedback.

Unfortunately Modern medicine only slowly and unwillingly accepts that the principle of life is based on a highly complex field of order like a Fibonacci sequence.

To stay with the example of the 4 course meal: in the immaterial phase, the chef already has an idea of the meal s/he wants to prepare.  By buying the ingredients the chef approaches the material phase which concludes after preparing and cooking the meal.  The critical point is that without the intentional/immaterial phase and the desire to have a meal on the table the whole process would not occur.  This example demonstrates that ones desire to cook represents the action of the field of order of their organism – and the finished meal represents their intention for their organism.

Now please contemplate how one can be disturbed while cooking: the phone rings, the kids run into the house with dirty shoes, a package is being delivered, the wind rattles the windows, the smoke detector goes off when you open the oven etc. etc.

Ones intention - cooking - is constantly interrupted – to deal with these environmental influences. Everybody recognizes that nothing good comes from this, certainly nothing optimal.  That’s exactly what happens to the body!  The body intends to maintain optimum health but is constantly interrupted by environmental influences from doing so.

Because of this situation - particularly in hectic urban environments, our bodies run mostly on an emergency program (fast food, pre-processed meals, snacks etc) instead of an age old process of vitalizing and harmonizing from within.

A short course of vitamins or an impromptu holiday are no solution to the body's inner system of order reaching meltdown.

The Quantum Spirit Club however, offers a new approach.  Far divorced from any known medical treatments…

The Principle of Resonance

Via a specially developed Quantum Spirit Resonance which combines the latest knowledge of quantum physics with the old healing knowledge of aboriginal people, the organism learns to focus on the most important aspects to maintain integral health and increase vitality on every level.  Mind, Body, Spirit.  Psychological, Physical, Spiritual.

The Quantum Spirit Club is especially important for people over 40 years of age.  For younger people, club membership provides a great prevention for future over-reactions.

Please don’t expect immediate results however.  This Club is designed to persistently, over many months and even years train the organism to establish optimum health and well-being, AND MAINTAIN IT.

The whole program has absolutely nothing to do with medicine or symptomatic treatment but is rather an offer of pure information for learning about how to positively deal with damaging frequencies in a bio-compatible way.

Membership in the Quantum Spirit Club will ensure that your organism will systematically understand how to integrate the right instructions for optimal well-being.  In that sense, it is comparable to an instruction manual for your organism.  We are proud to have proven this method with hundreds of people over many years.

Is the learning phase completed at some stage?

As we are constantly optimizing and extending the information transmission to keep up with the constantly adapting paradigm of now, there is not really any lateral 'completion stage' as such. 

For example:  Currently – there is a slow increase in radioactivity in our environment.  Plastics including eyeglass frames, dental material and even some medication (including homeopathic) have shown increasing (though low) levels of radiation according to scientific testing.

Quantum Spirit Healing's response to this scary situation has been the development of our Bio Information Technology.  Specifically we have designed a new information carrier which may neutralize this radiation - according to the expert opinion regarding low intensity radiation of Brigitte Schlabitz - member of the Federal Association of Free Experts for Lower Intensity Radioactivity and Radiation effects, Berlin.

These information carriers are a part of our Program/Club and complement the daily (five times per week for over 5 hours per day) transmission via resonance into member's personal fields of order.

There cannot be any side effects as with medicines or medical procedures !!!  The organism only uses the appropriate information required.  This capacity to filter out and select the appropriate information is called resonance

And this way - your organism - field of order - will automatically pick the necessary information units and use them in the most optimal way. 

The ‘Magnifying Group Effect’

This is a holistic and interactive program.  It incorporates a very interesting and productive effect: Group Resonance.

About 10 years ago when we started to experimentally send out healing information directly to volunteers via a photograph, we noticed varied results.  Sometimes a positive, resonantly harmonizing effect was achieved and sometimes no particular effect was noticed.

As it happened it was more of an accidental process through which we found that the effect of the information sent became more effective and more stabilized when a large group of people concurrently dealt with the same issue.  When we sent a specific information spectrum – e.g. the neutralization of allergies – the effect was much more positive when it was sent to a group of at least 30 -100 people.

This was further verified through testing with bio-resonance and kinesiology.  So we continued experimenting (with the best possible intentions) and found that since transmitting our quantum energy information to the organism's of a selected group........ no one became seriously ill anymore - even if there was a genetic endowment for a specific illness !!

Everyone’s immune system was, and still is, highly intact – even if some people experienced an initial healing crisis (a temporary worsening of the condition -  sometimes it gets worse before it gets better) – a known effect of healing.  In these cases the condition disappeared gently and swiftly after a time lapse.

“Why not make this wonderful effect available to many more people?” we asked ourselves and started to develop this revolutionary concept.  It's a real chance for you as an awake and intelligent person who fully realizes the necessity to energetically protect yourself and your family from the many negative influences on a multi dimensional level and thus keep yours and your families energy bodies stable.

The Information Package

For members of the Quantum Spirit Club; the program of this special resonating information transmission to the energy body contains such a plethora of selected and finely tuned themes for the organism that it is impossible to list them all in detail.

There are over 5,000 information spectra.

The themes are as follows:

  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Support of:
  • Organ functions
  • The muscular and skeletal system
  • The heart circulation
  • The blood and lymphatic system
  • The secretion of toxins
  • Soft release of possibly existing negative structures
  • Regeneration of cell tissue
  • And many many more!

Recently, even further information essences were added to our program which we received from a well researched biology professor who confirms our approach 100%.

Of course we completely take into consideration the multi dimensional aspect of being human and we don’t interfere with necessary processes such as human learning experiences! 

Quantum Leap into the Future

This fantastic opportunity combining the magnified effect of the stimulation of self healing powers together with the Group Effect and daily energy informing represents quantum leap into the future.  Members are effectively trained to go beyond the manipulative and poisoning environmental effects and toxic frequencies.

We warmly invite you to join our Club!

Membership ensures that the above mentioned information spectra (many thousands) are resonantly transmitted to you via your photograph at least 5 days per week for 5 hours per day.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live!

The resonance transmission will always reach you via your personal photo.  Your intrinsic quantum field of order will recognise and initiate the self regulation/ healing process.  The photo acts as the delivery address for the information transmission. 

Remember that in the quantum world everything is connected beyond space and time.

How much does does it cost ?

We asked ourselves how we could make this program affordable for as many people as possible.  So we decided to offer membership in the Health Revolution - the Quantum Spirit Club available for a longer period of time.

The minimum duration of membership is one year.
The cost is US$ 1 per day. 

If you enrol longer it gets cheaper!
2 year membership for just 82 cents a day.

3 year membership for only 65 cents a day.

If you feel that this unique opportunity to energetically stabilize your integral self healing power and give your well being a quantum form of insurance, please click on the subscribe button for the duration you would like.

Once you have made your payment, please Email us a passport size photograph of yourself, or the person you would like to enrol in our Health Revolution, the Quantum Resonance Club.  

Please note:  Our contact form cannot process attachments.  Email photo to: office {at] quantumspirithealing.net