An imprinted version of this code will contain thousands of layers of multi-dimensional information.  Thus informed, code will help one integrate the skills to resist negative manipulations, by promoting integral bio-compatible field organization. Carrying a personalized copy of code may help you feel calmer, clearer, more confident and motivated.  Supports the bearer's innate personal and spiritual freedom.

The Golden Hero Code trains one with the skills to resist the manifold negative manipulations, (mass media, advertising, technical radiation, sensory overload, etc.) to which humans are now permanently exposed, and also supports them in their personal liberty !!!

The effect of this special code has impressed and amazed even us! Try for yourself and be delighted by the difference!

The Golden Hero Code is imprinted with thousands of layers of multi-dimensional information so that the users bio-electric field may channel the necessary protective and rescue measures that it requires in the moment.

Essentially it can help one to integrate the skills to resist negative manipulation, by promoting bio-compatible field organization.
  It also offers "higher level Quantum Spirit protection".

Can help to resolve unwanted habits and behavior patterns and blocks.  Steeped in latent potential to acheive breakthroughs in these areas.  A unique combination of frequencies that is a great help for people who are on the path of insight knowing, self-discovery and true self-expression.

Support & Reports for Golden Hero Code:
  • Surges of spontaneous self-healing of chronic diseases (eczema, acne, etc.)

  • Feel calm and settled in your identity, motivated and mentally clearer.

  • Develop the ability to endure confrontations and avoid unpleasant situations you do not need or want.

  • Gain clearer verbal skills.

  • Feel more relaxed, centered and secure.

  • Strengthens self-confidence and encourages loving-kindness

Sensitive talented people whose innate field organization immediately begins to harmonize report that the mitigation of stress is a pleasant and welcome phenomenon.

For highly stressed people, a short-term "healing crisis" can occur (like those experienced in homeopathic remedies), which may be interpreted as a positive sign: vulnerabilities, "old wounds", can be reactivated, so that finally they now find healing, overcoming or redemption.  Therefore it is important to use the card continually until the healing crisis is over!

The protection from chaotic interference is achieved by use of a small quotient of the interference-energy potential as a catalyst for bio-compatible field organization and results in "a learning effect" for organisms.

The "traffic jam" dam is broken down and self-cleaning and self-healing processes can act again in a natural way.  In other words, the 'disordered' energy is converted and used for positive purposes.

Every day people are surrounded by an incredible variety of manipulative strategies that delay the spiritual maturing process and treat them as mere consumers. We are also experiencing a more threatening environmental situation including electro-smog (Wi-fi and EMF), radioactivity, genetic manipulation and pollution etc..

We can grow in spite of this!  The Golden Hero Code offers uncompromising support to acheive real growth.

The Golden Hero Code promotes personal and spiritual freedom for each individual according to their kind.

The Golden Hero Code supports your personal freedom while at the same time protecting you from external influences!

Our Quantum Codes are informed via a Swiss-German method to act as a trans-material Quantum field resonance carrier.  At their deepest molecular level these Codes are stimulated to transport and impart specific information complying exactly with the required needs.  The organism recognizes the original Quantum field information and is then able to integrate its own morphic field of order (intrinsic data field).  The principle of bio-resonance recognizes that a living body's specific frequencies can be stimulated and stabilized by external signals.

Realize the Hero within & manifest your destiny