An energetically informed version of this code can be used most effectively when printed and laminated.  Handy around the fridge and pantry, our food codes are personalized to prevent theft and canhelp to ensure integral bio-energetic quantum purity.  Place code under food dishes for about ten minutes to re-vitalise & improve taste.  Great while traveling, or eating at cafes and restaurants.  May bring food to biologically optimum level by removal of interference from contaminant information

Quantum Code develops solutions for one of the most vital issues of the modern day.....

The increasing pollution of our food through the energetic disturbance of electromagnetic fields.

This also refers to the insidious danger of the increasing oscillatory effect of contaminant information and technical information, which can have serious consequences for our health and well being.

More and more people are suffering in various forms from food allergies and intolerance.  Children especially are suffering at the present time as there are few truly natural food products available on shop shelves.  For many mothers and health-conscious individuals that fact has long been a troubling finding.

The general quality of food with regard to purity, vitality, flavour and ability to absorb and discharge harmful substances and toxins, have been severely compromised during the growing, production, storing and refining processors, by the technical, electromagnetic, chemical and pollutant contaminant information that the foods are exposed to.

It is not only that chemical and genetic poisoning, toxic additives, irradiation techniques for longer lasting shelf and transport times are all causing dis-ease, but also that these measures blanket a vast proportion of the traditionally organic, conventional food chain. The production process in growing which uses tons of fossil fueled based chemicals to 'fertilize' and kill the 'weeds' creates an end product so very far removed from the true nature of plants and food. Is it any wonder then that in today's world we more often feel sick than healthy?  -  Sick food perpetuates sickness!

Food Harmonizer Quantum Code Frequencies were developed to protect and support peoples intrinsic health.
Encoding provides comprehensive protection against the negative effects of food additives in foods, such as manipulative procedures (eg, genetic engineering) and activates the true and original properties of the denoised product. The result is that people are better able to digest and assimilate their foodstuffs in a bio-compatible and harmonious way.

Our Harmonizer Frequencies can also help to combat the damaging effects of radiation. Simultaneously, other effects include an improvement in taste for many foods as the energetic stress to the organism is cleared from artificial contaminants. The Quantum effect is the morphogenetic harmonisation and neutralisation of nearly all known food additives.

Place Food items on a copy of your printed code for about 10 minutes to affect it's purifying and protective effects.  This protective measure thus allows folk to consume bio-harmonized food, without a guilty conscience – even if they are unaware of it's exact source and growing method. Of course, we advocate the organic and permaculture production of food.

Simply, keep a couple of copies of your Harmonizer Codes around the kitchen, ready to place under food items before eating!  You will be surprised at the improvement of taste through a process of quantum energizing alongside removal of inferences from contaminant information!

Our Quantum Codes are informed via a specialized Swiss-German method so that they may impart specific Quantum field resonance information.  At their deepest molecular level these Codes are stimulated to transport and impart specific information complying exactly with the required needs.

The organism recognizes the original Quantum field information and is then able to integrate its own morphic field of order (intrinsic data field).  The principle of bio-resonance recognizes that a living body's specific frequencies can be stimulated and stabilized by external signals.