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About 50 Million Americans Suffer From Arthritis

By 2030, experts say that 40% of U.S. adults will have the condition. A major new report finds that Arthritic disease is the most common cause of disability in the United States and now affects 46 million Americans, or more than 21 percent of the adult population!

Please carefully consider the statement above: What does this really mean?

A steadily rising number of people are falling ill with arthritis ?!  And this is quite openly expected by the “official” medicine industry... wait a minute !

Surely we conclude that something must be VERY wrong...!  WHY does the medicine industry NOT provide healing?  On the contrary - MORE people fall ill with arthritis - and that is stated openly!  It seems they lay us open to ridicule! What is going on ???

Meanwhile more than 75% (!!) of all illnesses in the USA and everywhere else are called "iatrogenic" - which means: caused by the medical industry itself.

Though you can suppress the symptoms with chemicals and you might feel a little less pain …
- there's still no healing - and chemicals carry baggage called 'side effects'.

Only recovering the complicated "energy balance" of the body can lead to self healing!

Which is exactly what we offer !

Pain is the body's cry for flowing energy - the old Chinese saying.

Arthritis - aches & pains / inflammation of the joints etc. - is basically caused by energy blockage! 

So, what kind of energy are we talking about?  No, not the electricity in the wall plug ! - but pretty similar ....

To put it bluntly - medicine men and woman across a wide range of holistic cultures have known for ages that all the features of our body are organized by fine electric currents.  This is particularly exemplified by the Meridian Energy Body in traditional Chinese medicine.  As well as the "Prana" or "Life Force" Energy body of Ayurvedic practitioners. 

Simply put, if this natural energy flow or our body is disturbed, we consequently suffer aches and pains; and therefore illness.  Our bio-electric balance is disturbed

  • We support the strength of SELF HEALING !

  • We offer a special Quantum based Club to rejuvenate Arthritis sufferers that specifically targets the alleviation of disharmonious energetic blockages caused by Arthritis.  This technology is unique and 21st century!

  • Our special method is honed by decades of Swiss/German study and research to optimally support the bio-electric flow of the body, and has previously been unavailable to the English speaking world.

About the Principle:

Please consider for example, that if you apply some energy to take a cup from the cupboard........ you must KNOW where you want to put the cup.  This knowledge presupposes the invocation of a kind of information.  Energy-flow without applicable information essentially leads nowhere.  Right? 

This is also the case with our body.  The basic, or infrastructural energy flow of the body is often badly organized because of a lack of information about exactly WHAT should be made/done.  (There are many reasons why..... ).  But the result of this energy malfunction is aches, pains and illness. 

The effect of applying healing information is that the bio-resonant harmonious waves of healing energy can and do result in the personal and direct self healing of the body. 

And this is exactly what we do with our Ex Arthritis Club.

Can Arthritis be cured?  The answer is: Why not?

It can also certainly be markedly alleviated!  If the body`s energy - flow is optimized and stabilized.... for sure.  Of course the restoration of the body´s energy-flow is nothing which can happen within 1 hour.

The Ex Arthritis Club uses quantum information that gradually stabilizes and harmonizes the energy-flow of the body as well as the total energy-field of our clients.

Arthritis is a disturbance of energy flow!  Therefore, relief can be achieved with an optimized energy flow !  It is that simple, clear and logical !  EVERYBODY has the opportunity to improve their health, that's a definite!

How is stability of the body`s energy-flow to be achieved ?

The basic information of all the body's features are stored in every hair, every cell, and every part of the body. It is stored in the DNA.  You are unique. Exactly like a personal photograph!  No other person is identical to YOU!

Over years of extensive research, we have found that using a photograph of any person (as a medium to optimize the body´s energy flow) has the same effect as using the DNA or a cell.  At Quantum Spirit Healing we use a small photograph to stabilize and harmonize the energy-field /the body's energy-flow of our clients!  Please don't hesitate to find out more about the principles throughout this website. 

We're offering people afflicted by Arthritis the potential of release by our Quantum method which is designed to optimize the energy flow!  We have founded the Ex Arthritis Club and if Arthritis is impacting on your quality of life, we sincerely invite you to join.  For just the price of a cup of coffee every week!

Here is the opportunity for arthritis sufferers to escape out of the claws of the medical industry, step by step!  Of course the restoration of the body´s energy-flow is nothing which can happen within 1 hour.  The procedure works slowly and subtly - over months, sometimes years!  You can unsubscribe whenever you feel you know longer need the service. 

Please subscribe as a member and Leave Your Arthritis Behind.

Membership fee: only US$ 5.95 weekly for one year or US $5 weekly for 2 years.

Arthritis Release Club Membership

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