Quantum Spirit Healing offers an innovative yet traditionalist approach to health and well being.  Energetically informed Quantum Resonance Codes are the central medium and healing catalyst.  Developed over 20 years of research in Switzerland and Germany, Quantum Spirit Healing codes walk the line between the latest advances in quantum knowledge, technological development, and indigenous understanding of health and well being. In the current paradigm - the information we present may seem amazing - so be it.

Shamanic healing modalities essentially consider that illness in the individual is caused by being blocked, or obscured from the Source Field. In the modern world, the potential for separation of the individual from this fundamental morphogenetic, or Quantum Field, is greater than ever before. This schism is primarily the result of 100 years of the military industrial machine and especially because of the massive global saturation of chemicals, toxins, Radio, Electro Magnetic, and Extremely Low Frequencies. For a detailed analysis of exactly why these wavelengths can be extremely harmful to human beings, please read through the information in this website.

One of the keys to understanding why our bodies are susceptible to wave form energy, is understanding that our bodies are not solid entities at all, but the contrary, energetic beings or temporary personifications of the soul or spirit.  Current quantum knowledge has finally caught up with ancient metaphysical understanding and now confirms this. Another way of describing this wonder is that our core being is essentially pure consciousness, or infinite awareness. Maintenance of our intrinsic relationship with the quantum information field that is the source of our intrinsic awareness is vital to good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being.

Because of the aggressive nature of the artificial and non biological fields that saturate the Earths Biosphere causing massive energetic pollution, humankind are now almost forced to solve this environmental situation created by themselves – and this will require a continuous increase of vibration and an increased transformation ability of the organisms. 

The only way forward involves firstly addressing, then solving the impacts of electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity and microwaves as well as chemical and physical pollutant information.  Even the present "shutdown" of all the associated equipment would not bring sufficient benefit - because the high-frequency vibrations now oscillate in the walls of buildings, in the ground, and affect our food, water, and environment.

The negative effects of artificial energy fields, caused by the misuse of technical possibilities have led to a destructive situation on this planet that can only be healed by harmonizing operations of a higher order. The "old" systems have failed here.  A positive future involves working in tandem with natural blue-prints from the quantum zero point field and enabling and facilitating for this natural vibratory energy to flow as Creation intends. 

Our informed quantum resonance codes go through a stringent quality check process. Alongside their respective special function, they also have a general harmonizing effect on the living environment. Humans and Earth urgently need to be brought into necessary balance and this requires use of an expanded consciousness and deep compassion for the needs of the surrounding Biosphere.  Our codes serve the purpose of supporting the transformation of all energy systems in favor of self-determinism and a higher nature - with complete respect for the free will of each individual. 

Any questions that occur to you while in the course of reading Quantum Spirit Healing, please don't hesitate to ask, we love to help.  Please keep an open mind and consider the facts herein with a breath of fresh air. We represent new Bio Information Technology that in most cases makes drug treatment unimportant - which does not mean that we recommend you to go without the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.

The main point is that after reading through the information Quantum Spirit Healing offers, we hope you'll realize – and experience – that the hundreds of side effects caused by chemical poisoning are NO LONGER mandatory.

The codes we present here not only have the great quality of bio-harmonizing substances from chemical and physical pollutants but also facilitating the cleansing process from the pollutant "information" that accumulates in our (70% water) body.  Remember, water remembers everything!  For sure, our codes are a critical tool to help people globally deal with dangerous EMF LF & RF frequencies, in a bio-compatible fashion.

We promote the personal freedom of every person, and all social decisions that protect life on earth.  A warm welcome and greetings to one and all - thank you for finding us.  

For your information, the information presented on this website was originally introduced in Germany and has been translated from German.

If you'd like to help translate Quantum Spirit Healing into other languages, we'd love to hear from you via the contact page!

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Protect Truth!  Matter follows energy.  Energy follows information.

And now: please venture forth .... to Quantum Spirit dimensions .... and Beyond