The special process of Quantum Spirit Healing works through the energetic information of "Quantum Resonance" Codes.

Active health and well-being methods owe it to the universe to understand the integrated synergy of human beings, nature and the universe. 

All phenomena have a common ground in the "Source Field" or the "Quantum Field".  This is not some ethereal academic theory.  This is the Ground of Being.  We are Quantum Spirit.

Correctly interpreted, quantum physics and spirituality offer myriad dimensions and universes of free-flow living.  We welcome and encourage you to implement that unimaginable freedom into your daily lives so as that collectively we can break through limitations of conceptual dimensional thinking and become the essence of our Quantum Truth.

Our Quantum Codes are energetically informedvia a long hidden Swiss/German process that is unique and is now being released in English.  The principle of bio-resonance recognizes that specific frequencies can be stimulated and stabilized by external signals.


At their deepest molecular level these trans-material catalysts or quantum mediums are stimulated to transport and impart specific information complying exactly with the required needs.  In other words, the Codes are imprinted to represent the original knowledge from the Quantum field and transmit that information via a retrieval signal.  Thus via an energetic photon light communication debilitating influences are counteracted and positive information promoted across a wide range of levels.

Quantum Spirit Healing


We introduce our signature Quantum Resonance Club which offers 24/7 membership to innovative 21st Century healing techniques that will create a whole new benchmark in quality everyday living for you and your loved ones. 

Our Arthritis Release Club is the way to go if you need to relieve tired old aches and pains and live without the constant hassle of pharmaceutical side effects.

For personalized healing however, please don't hesitate to check out our Shamanic Energy Healing service.  Nothing else been working for you?  This is what you've been searching for.  An extraordinary holistic Quantum Spirit Healing on every level !   Please read through our explanatory notes and book a session with us. We're proud to offer this chance of a lifetime to realize your true potential, feel clearer, more alert and healthier than ever.

Biological balance is a key technology of the future.  The term “bio-balance” is used here to describe the fundamental structural order of a living system also called the blue print of life.

In Biophysics this order is seen as the underlying basis for all physical, chemical and biological processes.

Click for slideshow showing parallel increases in diseases and mobile phone use:

Contemplating the following pages on this website, you will be astonished by the countless illnesses and side effects that relate to – Chemical, Pollutant & Electromagnetic poisoning.  

Can we neutralize these toxins?

The integrity of these holistic biological balance systems is outwardly visible in conditions of health and well being, or illness and disease.  Quantum Spirit Healing offers cutting edge technology that promotes a new way of developing, enhancing, and protecting a pristine level of health and wellbeing.

Extensive research by our team at Quantum Code has determined the optimum frequencies for human beings.  Our encoding spectra enhance and regulate the total well being of the person at all levels.  They also provide protection against factors that may impair health or compromise optimum performance.

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